Aryan Rajesh Biodata

Aryan Rajesh

Birth Name : Eedara Aryan Rajesh

Place of birth : Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

First Movie : Hai

Category : Tamil

Eedara Aryan Rajesh is a Tollywood actor, familiarly called as 'Aryan Rajesh'. Aryan Rajesh born on August 26 in Hyderabad, He is the son of director and producer in Tollywood 'EVV.Satyanarayana' and Saraswati. Aryan Rajesh has a brother named 'Allari Naresh' he is also a actor in Tollywood. He is the spouse of 'Subhashini', daughter of contractor Kantipudi Amarnath, married on February 14, 2012. He started his career with the movie 'Hai' which was directed by his father 'EVV Satyanarayana'.

Tollywood Entry

Aryan Rajesh entered in Tollywood with the movie 'Hai' directed by his father 'EVV Satyanarayana' in 2002, then he acted in movie 'Sontham' paired with 'Namitha'. In the same year he acted debuted in Tamil in Vasanthabalan's directorial debut 'Album'. He acted around 11 movies in 'Telugu' and 'Tamil'.

Film Career

Aryan Rajesh acted with his brother 'Allari Naresh' in 'Nuvvante Naakishtam', which was also directed by his father late 'E. V. V. Satyanarayana'. In 2013 he acted three films in Tamil. His movie 'Evadigola vadide' is Comedy entertainer with most of comedians in screen. In 2007 he acted in 'Anumanaspadam', itis aa suspense thriller with comedy.

Movies acted by Aryan Rajesh

2002: Hai, Sontham, Album(Tamil)

2003: Aadanthe Ado Type, ambhu

2004: Leela Mahal Center

2005: Evadi Gola Vaadidi, Nireekshana, Nuvvante Naakishtam

2007: Anumanaspadam

2009: Romeo, Pokkisham(Tamil)

2010: Buridi

2012: Balaraju Aadi Bamardi

2013: Thuttu(Tamil), Vedikkai(Tamil), Eera Veyyil(Tamil)

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